“Always Closer”, piquant art exposition @Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery in Second Life

Second Life, Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

The Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, the modern art gallery curated by Dido Haas, opens this time its doors to a piquant artistic exhibition.

The central theme is BDSM and submission. I am, maybe, the worsts person in the world who can explain this topic, but I will do my best. Also because, to write in an opportunity way, I searched and read a lot about submission and BDSM.

The sixteen images exposed @Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery are realized by Elo (elorac Paule).

Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

The artist wants to guide the observer to the discovery of submission that is not what most of the people think.

I admit that I also I had many prejudices about this theme, thinking, like many, that submission is the another side of the violence, so evil.

Thanks to this exposition, Elo guides the observer to know that some people have erotic submission fantasies that want to live, experiment with them. To repress and to hide them is always more harmful than live them. The most important thing in BDSM is the safety, so there are rules those need to be respected. In fact, the first things those are important to explain to new people who desire to practice BDSM are about the safeness of the play. Someone will tell: play? Yes, because BDSM is just playing, the role of master and submission are just part of a short game that has the purpose of satisfying mutual sexual fancies. Out of this play, nobody is a master and nobody is a submission. This point is important.

In this exposition, Elo unfolds her experience, her fancies, her life. BDSM become an intimate relation between to people who are “always closer” because the mutual satisfaction of most depth erotic needs creates a strong emotive connection.

Whichever your opinion is about this delicate topic, I suggest you open your mind and to visit this fascinating gallery that will remain open until the end of December.

Where do I find…?

Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery


with love,

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