ASTRALIA, Astral surreal  landscape for photographers and art lovers

In the middle of my journey, I found myself within a beautiful landscape, surreal, Astral.

Nothing was in place according to logic and common sense; everything was in order according to the soul. There is no a landscape more surreal than an Astral one because is the (glossy) dream that leaves free rein to its manifestation.


Astralia wants to be a tribute to the enchanting astral landscapes that we open the doors during sleep.

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They give solace and comfort to our soul, reminding us that the beauty does not necessarily meet the canons of order and aesthetic perfection.

Quite the contrary. Here is a list of the primary locations of Astralia and related teleports:

1) Landing point: the point of arrival, the visitor will receive all information and an invitation to the group (for photographer/blogger role just ask to Oema)

2) The Acorns: they are suspended in the sky, host a garden in artistic style and very suitable for the realization of surreal and evocative photos;

3) The balloons: they suspended above a pond in the center of a small island inhabited by colorful birds and plants which are driven by a light wind and enveloping;

4) The underground: a setting very different from the context, but harmonizes with everything. A dilapidated house, an old car and a windmill surrounded by blackbirds by moving very natural;

5) The tree house: a dwelling essential and welcoming, hosted by a mighty tree. In the garden underneath fawns play together;

6) Crystal Palace: Wonderful Crystal Palace, hosts some of the artworks made by photographers of Astralia;

7) The time scale: represents a metaphor, the time not extends horizontally, but in vertical, is climb stairs, a grow, a evolve;

8) Tram desserts: it is the place of meeting, a tram decorated used with pastry, offers

9) The small crystal gazebo: a very romantic spot with some couple dances.

Astralia is surrounded by a pink planet very large wheel that really around it and from the Moon that also follows a rotary movement.

Astralia is perfect for photos and videos, but also to spend a pleasant time in absolute relaxation, listening to the sounds of surreal who inhabit or the beautiful music only piano set as radio.

Thanks to Mackone Metaller for nature’s sounds of Astralia.

Anyone who wished the role of photographer must do no more than to ask me.

Preferably with NC to Oema Resident.

Thanks to everybody!

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Photos Credits: all images are by the excellent photographer Miele Tarantal 

Tells About Astralia

Inara Pey


Eclipse Magazine (August Issue)

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