Lam Erin al DixmiX Art Gallery, esplosione di colore e natura

Cosa attira maggiormente lo spettatore nelle foto di Lam Erin, i colori o i paesaggi? Credo che questo interrogativo sia meno scontato di quanto sembri! 🙂 I paesaggi di Lam Erin sono spendidi, questo fotografo ha un naturale intuito nello scegliere l’”angolo giusto“, la “giusta prospettiva“. Tuttavia il suo vero talento, la caratteristica che lo rende un grande fotografo di […]

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Gates of Melancholy, a dive in the art of Andrew Newell Wyeth


After Gates of Memories, Shelly70 back to propose an extremely realistic artistic setting. This time the theme is Andrew Newell Wyeth and his delicate and realistic painting. If you like the painting of Andrew Newell Wyeth and would like to take advantage of the shots as if you were inside a painting of this great American […]

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From beginner to professional Second Life photographer, Thea Dreem


Second Life Photographer, Thea Dreem   Passion spurs to improve; this is true in every field of activity. Photography in Second Life is no exception to this rule: who is “fasting” of photography techniques mistakenly believe that in Second Life is enough “take a picture”. Actually not all pictures are the same and it is […]

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Artistic pictures in virtual contexts, “Going Home” by Amona Savira

We can find really interesting artistic pictures from S.Life around the web. We have said several times, a photograph in S. Life can become art. The workings of “shots” caught inside the 3D environment are more and more fascinating, the Avatars that have a Flickr account seem “aggressive“ in trying to give the best of themselves every […]

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Art in Second Life photography and (artistic) shots by Paola Mills

Kultivate Art Critic and Gallery Reviewer, Oema, speaking about art in second life, reviews the work of Paola Mills: In S.Life world, expression modes are endless: from photography to video, from fashion to art, from construction to music, are really disparate activities that allow people to better express themselves. (Ascolta il Post in Italiano) Especially […]

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