“Dancer”, the second life art installation by Myra Wildmist

In one of my recent trips between artistic intricacies of S.Life I had the pleasure to visit Myra Wildmist’s Second Life Art installation entitled “Dancer” hosted by University of Western Australia.

The work of this good photographer is interactive and designed to engage the viewer, making it an integral part of the work itself.

Myra’s installation is the result of a study on projections of lights in S.Life.

Upon arrival, you can use the ball in the middle of the black cylinder to start seeing your avatar dance like a professional ballet dancer.

Myra’s second life art installation is designed for a female audience, this why the animations are suitable for a woman.

Second Life Art Installation by Myra Wildmist
Second Life Art Installation by Myra Wildmist

However, what does it mean “art installation“? Moreover, why Myra’s one can be defined as “art installation“?

Installation is a special kind of visual art that has developed in its present form since the early seventies.

Installation is a generally three-dimensional artwork and includes media, objects and forms of expression of any type installed in a given environment.

It has definitely big affinity with sculpture and Land Art.

One of the main features to be able to claim to be in the presence to a work of installation is the fact of having as main subject the user.

All the work must be for seeking or alter the viewer’s perception that becomes an integral part of the work: without the user, the art installation does not exist.

Another important element is the environment in which the work is integrated: you can create also the removable installations to enable installation in a place unspecified.

As we said, the installation as an art form was born in the second half of the twentieth century (the sixties and seventies); has significantly differentiated over the decades, in fact today the art installations can be works that are very different from each other.

This is due to the conceptual and abstract nature of the work, which is not bound to a particular technique or form of material, but it is rather to install something in a certain environment and that assumes certain characteristics. The video is the preferred medium for this kind of installation, and in fact, often we talk about video installation.

Another interesting art installation form is that of trees: the artists hang their works from tree branches and invite the public to contribute to the enrichment of the installation.

Some artists work preferably with the lights, creating installations that are the framework for a given environment.

Returning to the splendid work of Myra, “Dancer” is definitely an artistic prestige installation where the viewer becomes part of the overall artistic work.

Art Installation by Myra Wildmist
Art Installation by Myra Wildmist

Without the interaction of the viewer who, using the animation center stage, becomes the dancer who projects its image on the panels that frame the structure, the same installation would, in fact, meaningless.

I sincerely believe that some splendid work done in the virtual environment have nothing to envy to installations created in R.Life and “dancer” is definitely one of these.

For an optimal experience made, as suggested by Strawberry Singh in this wonderful article, it is important to set in Preference → “Advance Lighting Model Enabled and designer Shadows to Sun / Moon + projectors and Avatar Shadows to complex.


Finally to get the best results, you should set Windlight of Phototools – No Light.

Share pictures of your avatar while dancing in this wonderful installation is really fun!

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