DixMix Art Gallery and its light plays

As of November 23, 2016, Dixmix Art Gallery hosts three incredible artists, Maloe Vansant, Isa Messioptra and Fingers Scintilla.
At the entrance of the fine art gallery are photographs of Maloe Vansant that furnish the Black Gallery.
In fact, Dixmix Art Gallery, offers three different types of prevailing colors: black, gray and white.
Each gallery hosts artists whose dominant colors are consistent with the name of the art galleries.
Maloe Vansant, whose tones are mostly dark, with a strong prevalence of black, rightly decorates the walls of the Black Gallery. The faces of women, presented using very different styles together, dominate the scene. In some cases, it is attractive and delicate figures, in other aggressive and disturbing.
Along with black, Vansant uses lots of red that serve to emphasize that detail that makes the difference, which gives the picture a new style. Whatever the emotional state that the works evoke, the red lights it is giving depth.

Second Life, DixMix Art Gallery
White Gallery

We find a prevalence of black even in the later works of Isa Messioptra, especially in those you find exposed on the left wall. Electric blue and black play a role in giving meaning to the proposals depictions. The artist of the same work on the right wall has a decidedly rugged style with softer colors, where the verse is clearly dominant. Changing the colors modify the sensations. Again the proposed subject is feminine, but it is not just the face of woman the master of the scene, but the whole body or some of its details.
The Grey Gallery hosts some photographs of Dixmix Source, the owner. Again we talk about women, whose beautiful bodies you can see from behind, in their bare essence.
Finally, the White Gallery is home to the exciting works of Fingers Scintilla. In all her works, in fact, white color plays an essential role in shaping the contours and the emotions of the exhibited photos. Here we find the woman’s face, sometimes fragile, others frightened, others lost.
The art exhibition ends with the play of light in 3D by Brice Bonetto. The room is charming and fits the conclusion of a beautiful artistic journey.

Where do I find?

DixMix Art Gallery

DixMix Flickr Group

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