ECLIPSE Magazine, December Issue is out! Let’s talk about Mistero Hifeng


My art column on ECLIPSE Magazine, “Art Perspective”, has its focus on Hifeng’s Art.

Mistero Hifeng was born as an artist of the virtual world in 2014. His beginnings predate the Second Life® platform. He first began his art working in 3D software programs such as Blender and Cinema 4D. Hifeng was born, in short, as a photo artist captured in the 3D environment outside Second Life. Then he decided to import inworld objects created for the picture shoot. This decision proved excellent for his artistic destiny, allowing him to achieve great success. In particular, he began by purchasing a portion of land where he exhibited his 3D objects, putting them on sale. Some members of the UWA (University of Western Australia) noticed his artworks and endorsed their value through important exhibitions and articles.

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