“Hand”, a spectacular art installation @Immersiva, the latest work of Bryn Oh

Hand, Immersiva, Bryn Oh

The December 10, 2016 Immersiva opened its doors to the last artistic work of Bryn Oh. It is an elaborate art installation that this fine artist realized in 3 months of hard work.
The result is unprecedented because it is an elaborate art installation that consists in the narration of a story, the participation of the viewer through the “experience” and, of course, in complex 3D construction.

Some time ago, Bryn shared with his fans, the progress in the building of this massive installation: a shot of Zbrush during a processing step.
During the last three months, Immersiva remained closed to the public to allow for the preparation and completion of work inworld.
I suggest to visit the sim using Firestorm and to set it to enable the shadows with projectors. This foresight will enable the viewer to grasp aspects that would otherwise remain invisible.
Upon arrival, we must accept the experience offered by Bryn and use the HUD provided to “enter into the narrative.” The HUD main pages will appear at the approach of the avatar, Flutter. She sits on the bench in a subway, the culmination of Immersiva.
In the presentation of the art installation, Bryn thanked the talented Phemie Alcott, singer for several years in Second Life® who wrote the soundtrack for her. You can hear this beautiful song by viewing the video machinima made by Bryn Oh like how presentation to her latest artistic creation.

It is sad to read the blog of the same artist that she is in a period of economic difficulty, then asks the help of all visitors. If you visit Immersiva and like the work, considered the idea of making a donation. The costs for the tier, as noted, are quite high, so we need to help artists in current expenditure (if we want to continue to create with the true peace of mind).

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