Kayly Iali, Nature Art @Paris Art Gallery (Second Life Art)

Second Life Art, introduction

Speaking about Second Life Art, it is particularly good to see an artist capable and affirmed in Real Life exhibit in Second Life.
This is because the reason why exhibits can only be a true passion for the art.
Kayly IALI offers two floors of exhibition @Paris METRO Art Gallery, Little Versailles Garden: ground floor, where you will arrive at the landing point, she exhibited her works in Real Life belonging to the30/30 Project“, that is the artist painted 30 oil paintings depicting fruit in 30 days.
More information about this project can be found at the following link: (read more)
On the first floor abstract paintings that seem hazy landscapes to highlight only certain colors.
Arts Director of METRO Paris Gallery is Sir Walter.

Who is Kayly IALI

Kayly is an oil painter. has not always been an artist, indeed, she began to seriously study art only when the children are old enough to be independent.
She takes a degree in arts in 2009 from California State University.
She starts her first performances starting from abstract art. Her main interest is focused on “classical realism“: admires contemporary artists who have this type of approach to art.

The exhibition of Kayly @Paris Art Gallery

The exhibition of Kayly @Paris Art Gallery is exquisite and delicate.
As I said, on the ground floor you can see the real paintings belonging to the 30/30 project, so it comes to oil paintings of fruit.
Entering to the Gallery on the left you can see a wonderful tree orange fruits that highlights the artworks showed.
It seems as if the artist had painted her paintings inspired by the tree at the entrance.
Excellent choice, therefore, especially thinking that the shaft moves at a speed and with a very pleasant manner.
The predominant color of this floor is the red / orange animating a classic and elegant style.
A central staircase leads to the first floor where you can admire very different kind of work.
Here are hosted mostly abstract paintings. It seems to be in front of shades of landscapes, executed so as to emphasize the colors more than the outlines.
Blue, yellow and green are the predominant colors.
The exhibition is open from September 17.

Where do I find …?

Paris Metro Art Gallery


http://www.dailypaintworks.com/artists/marlene-lee-3458 (original art)


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