The Lost Unicorn Gallery, what happens if art embraces the fantasy-theme in Second Life®?

Second Life, The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Imagine an enchanted world, worthy of being described in the best fairy tales or narrated in the most courageous battles between good and evil. Imagine that in this fairytale fantasy environment the best photographers in Second Life® met each other and decided to exhibit their work to adorn the walls of the main castle, perched on an island suspended in the air.
You can see the elves, kings, and warriors, to fight their battles, experience the most intense stories of emotions and narratives. Observe them while they dance, they play each other, admire them in their fine clothing and a bit envy their incredible grace and beauty.
They are creatures whose gentleness and sweetness, whose purity of mind and loyalty are manifested in a beautiful and unreal appearance. We remain dazzled by this world, and we would like to leave what we live for perfection that inhabits this Kingdom.
We can do so by visiting “The Lost Unicorn Gallery,” an extraordinary sim that combines the fantasy ambiance with art.
In Second Life destination, we read a brief presentation of the creative project:

The Lost Unicorn Gallery is a fabulous selection of Second Life fantasy-themed artwork created by some of the best artists in the game. All Placed in an intricate elven castle overlooking a beautifully magical forest. All landscaping by Fleur (AzizaRomana Resident).

The Lost Unicorn Gallery hosts different artists, all excellent in the realization of the theme fantasy images. Some of these artists I had known, others less, however, the immense creativity of these photographers is admirable. There are not improvised artists, each with their unique style exposes its experience, its sensitivity, and its expressive delicacy.
The way these fantasy images are presented is sorted and composed. The creative excellence does not need pompous contexts; you admire for what it is … high class.
We must say a big thank you for creating one of the most beautiful places to Natalie (natalie.montagne), the curator and owner of Lost Unicorn Gallery.
Artists who right now are exposing their works are on display at the landing point. I took care to capture this image to provide a preview.
Second Life, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, Artists
At the landing point, you can also find information about a photo contest that could be fascinating for professional photographers.
Second Life, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, Photo Contest
Finally, I suggest you turn on the music: it is, of course, theme, then completes the journey in this land that has a flavor and fairytale charm.

Where do I find …?

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

The Lost Unicorn Gallery on the web

with love,

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