“Zen The Colors of Silence”, Maddy Schmidtzau Second Life Artist

Second Life Artist, Zen The Color Of Silence

Photography is one of the most popular passions in Second Life. A large amount of images shared on Flickr every day proves it with certainty.

I like to see the photos that the inhabitants of Second Life share in social media, and even more, I like to visit inworld photography exhibitions.

Last night I went to visit the exhibition of photographs by Maddy,

a second life artist

at “Art Gallery The Eye” that I particularly appreciate.

I had visited an exhibition of this real artist in the past and, in my opinion, this is better.

We see the stylistic evolution of Maddy, second life artist, the awareness of her capabilities and greater ease in showing what she sees and feels.

In Maddy’s processing colors, are important and I noticed that lately, she uses very vivid in hue and brightness.

Processes the image overlays that I appreciate, maybe because I like the overlays as a style and in fact, even I use in drawings.

The title that Maddy, second life artist, gave the exhibition is interesting “Zen, the colors of silence“: you would not expect that the silence had colors so vivid and bright!

I love this contrast, the eastern environment calmness, the central theme of her performance, which also acts as a contour in a row of “The Eye Gallery” and the vivid colors and images.

An opposition but, at the same time, an essential union, because the Eastern world is, in fact, full of contrasts, sweet and sour flavors, mental calmness and quick action, meditation and strong, active engagement at the same time.

So this Eastern environment duality is put clearly in evidence by Maddy contrasts.

Silence, peace, meditation, on the one hand, and the action, the vivacity of the images on the other.

Reading of photography on the web, I found a beautiful passage that I want to devote to Maddy, second life artist:

The eye-ahead-behind the eye

The photographer looks with one eye, rather than from behind the display that controls the image, construction and decide in an instant. The other is closed, not used in its usual task,

disabled, that is open to the inside, the back, the imaginary, the desire. An eye-ahead to the unpredictable, an eye-behind to the previous accumulation, towards the memory. There consciousness…

April 29, 2014 in the Masters, Thoughts.

Credits: disegnareluce.wordpress.com

We know that in Second Life the way we take pictures is different and the eyes are both open. In a metaphorical sense, though, this beautiful sentence suggests to the photographer, as she observes, first use your eyes, but on the other hand, grasps the nuances and the colors that the soul’s gaze suggests.

The photograph, when it is an expression of your way of seeing reality, is Art with a capital.

Maddy, second life artist, succeeds entirely to show what she feels through her photo processing, has the technical skills and communication abilities.

No doubt, therefore, that we are in the presence of an Artist, although she, in the present, does not like to be defined as such.

Maddy says that photography in Second Life the passionate and moved at the same time: I think this is the spirit of each artist.

In my wanderings by land art, I met and talked pleasantly with different artists, and all the best had this trait in common: they were moved and realized their jobs.

Whether it is a photo, sculpture, a drawing, all artists are art their cathartic moment.

Art is the medicine of the soul because the soul gives breath in a world that breath they take it off, every day.

I conclude by thanking Maddy that with this excellent exhibition has given us that bit ‘of breath that, so we need … at least a little’, every day.

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with love,

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