Magda Schmidtzau, SL Artist, created a great tribute to the Famous Artist Frida Kahlo

Second Life Art, Magda

The tribute to Frida Kahlo, “Viva La Vida”


Not often happens that a SL artist decided to realize a Second Life Tribute to Famous Artist and, when it happens, it’s always a pleasure to see what it was created to pay homage to such talented artists as famous.

Magda Schmidtzau, photographer and artist known in SL, has decided to set up a 2D / 3D art exhibition in honor of the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo @”I Portici”, Gallery owned by Rubin Mayo.

It is not the first time that we talk about Magda, we could admire her splendid works even during her previous exhibition held in Diotima.

Magda’s style remains intact even during the current exhibition, simply wanted to adapt it, make it flexible to accommodate the art of Frida Kahlo.

The two styles meet in an “artistic hug” on the occasion of this “touching”  tribute to an artist who is no longer there, but she has left to her shoulders a great artistic legacy.

Short presentation of Frida Kahlo

I write a short introduction to an artist who should not need to be introduced. However, since not all are knowledgeable and passionate about art, it seems right to give full information, to present this excellent Mexican artist.

The real name of Frida Kahlo was Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón, the name reminiscent of Magda one, our SL artist.

Frida had a short life, but intense, both positively and negatively.

We could say that she had a life “full” which, from whatever side you look at, led her to the art we know and love.

She loved intensely, suffered terribly (both from a physical and moral point of view), stood up every time because of her profound love for art.

Some of her works are associated with Surrealism, in particular it was the same André Breton to see her as a surrealist  artist and arrange artistic shows for her.

However, Frida Kahlo, with time, wanted to distinguish from this movement, especially because was important to be original for her, do not be an advocate of a movement, but of her art (unique and original).

For a detailed reading of her life (which I recommend to better understand the words of Magda in presenting this exhibition dedicated to Frida) I refer you to Wikipedia (link).


I asked Magda because a tribute to Frida Kahlo …


And she replied:


“I wanted to do this tribute to Frida for a personal admiration I feel to her being a woman, to her strength, her tenacity. In particular because of her special force that was able to transform suffering into art. Frida uses color as a tool to address her future. I was struck in particular her ability to transform suffering, in fact, in an interview she said that wall the pain is like being devoured by it from within. “



Magda’s Gallery, 360 degrees (move with mouse, you can enlarge full screen)

Magda Schmidtzau and her Art in Second Life


Magda was born in 2009 as SL artist. She Manipulates images through the use of Photoshop, creating overlapping layers, colors, lights and intense looks.

I really appreciate the work of Magda because they are veritable chromatic energy, positive and sweet at the same time.

The delicacy of her artistic expression is the same that you value if you personally  know her.

On the occasion to her splendid idea to create a memorable tribute to an artist such as Frida, I thought to intrigue with a 180 °  panoramic of Magda performance.


To give you a feeling of immersion in the environment created by Magda who is both 2D and 3D.

Magda, in fact, created the “Frida’s Home” at the center of the exhibition to allow visitors to have a more active and participatory experience.

So I thought I’d do that for readers of the blog, allowing an artistic immersion that (hopefully) will entice you to visit the exhibition of Magda in person.


The opening


The opening of the exhibition of Magda will be held Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 23:00 (2PM SLT).


Where do I find ..?

Magda Schmidtzau Art Gallery, Tribute to Frida Kahlo

Facebook Event

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