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Second Life Art

It’s with great pleasure that I registered this Vpost to introduce people to Mediterraneo-Oc Art Galleries. In Mediterraneo, I am the Art Curator, and I organize artistic events since many years. During this time, Mediterraneo has become of the most important places that host art galleries.

Some of this exhibitions are permanent; others are just for some time (like the exhibitions that are at the Expo).

Anyway, artists often change and renew their artistic shows, so it’s nice to return to visit and see the news.

This is my video about Mediterraneo-Oc on my Youtube Channel.


Mediterraneo-Oc Art Galleries SLURL


Lara’s Photos Exhibition

VanGogh’s Art Gallery

Free Shop and Jam’s Art Gallery

Mediterraneo-Oc Official web site

Before you ask…

In this video I am wearing:

Tukinowaguma Rebecca Onepiece @ Main Store

Glamistry : ANGELICA Heels @ Main Store

NK GOLD FLOWER Bracelet @ Main Store

{Reverie} ‘Autumn Heat’ Aztec @Main Store



with love,

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