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I will not write a long biography about my artistic curriculum because … I don’t have one 🙂
In real life, I am a lawyer, so I deal every day with arguments very different from art.
Since very small I have learned to draw, thanks to the teachings of my mother, cultured and refined woman, lover of the art, of the history and the philosophy.
The art, however, since five years has become an essential part of my life.
I learned to use Photoshop during an extended period of physical discomfort, which forced me to not being able to move from home.
During this forced seclusion, mind flew where the body was not able to get there … I had the need to vacate it, somehow.
So I decided to work on the images learning to use Photoshop. Before I bought a book to learn more about this extraordinary graphics program and after one in America about Digital Art with Photoshop.



Art always has a cathartic effect on me.
The sense that I attribute to art is a way to look at reality.
A photo is a reproduction as faithful as possible to the real, art is the way I see the real through my eyes, or rather, through my heart.
Art is, therefore, a very intimate way of expression, in the sense that with it the observer takes a journey into my inner world.
This trip can finish in two ways:
1) Touch the strings of the soul of the observer;
2) Do not like to the observer.
The art is so, is not universally beautiful, even when it pleases a large number of people, does not mean that everyone likes.
Whatever the outcome of the trip, I ask you to communicate it … frankly.
Meanwhile, thanks for having me read.

Oema artistic critique

If we wanted to give a brief definition of the real and digital art of Oema, we could say that it is “chromatic energy.”
The art of Oema is “art of feelings, of emotions.”
Observing the world with the eyes of her strong emotional sensibility, what she feels is the consequence of this new vision of things.
The main color is red in its various tones.
Such color is for her synonymous with love and curiosity toward the world, its sign of opening toward the outside.
Oema contemplates to the synthesis; its objective is the expression of the feeling of the moment and the result it is a vortex of energies kinetic generous of many colors that they are expressed through certain lines and of relief.
The sketch is for her fundamental in how much the representation of its introspection is.

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  1. Beautiful work Oema, I am slowly getting to know different artists in the virtual world. ( I am Hana Hoobinoo inworld). Though rezzed in 2008 I left for a few years but back again. I’ve had the privilege of being shown at Kultivate. I like to think of myself as a storyteller! 🙂 I love your description of “seeing with your heart!” I love your processing work and must say I like the “impression” of SL portraits as opposed to the straight up image.

  2. not sure how to follow you here to get notifications. Collaboration sounds interesting. – I have two blogs -one is my storytelling and travels- The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter-you might like to peruse whenever you have time to see a bit of what I do. The other is virtual but not as prolific as first and mainly about sites I like in SL, art and storytelling venues such as Seanchai. I just did a post on Tahiti Rae’s Evre there.

    1. Please, register an account here, you can login also with Facebook Twitter or Google +. Create your profile, you can also promote your blogs, if you like 😉 my blog has an interesting traffic, you could use the style of the first blog (that has success) with second life topics. Would you try? If yes, please create an account here: http://www.oemafineart.com/register/

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