OpeRaAnxiEty, complex art installation in MetaLES

Last night, Friday, December 9, 2016, officially opened its doors to visitors the enchanting artistic installation created by JadeYu Fhang.
The location that is the home of this art exhibition is MetaLES, a virtual space entirely devoted  to art.

The artistic curators are Ux Hax and Romy Nayar.

The preferred types of art by MetaLES seem to be the 3D artistic installations and machinima videos. In fact, even Second Life® is “pointing the” projectors on these two creative categories. I think the main reason is that in both of these categories, the virtual environment is the real protagonist of the scene.

Art installations such as that which is hosted by Metales deserve a visit equipped with Oculus Rift. I think a vision from an internal perspective is incredibly fascinating, as well as all the art in Virtual Reality (VR).
Immerse themselves in an artistic environment allows you to enjoy it thoroughly, drawing all the ideas that it can offer.
Arrived at the landing point, you can choose to visit the art installation by JadeYu Fhang or to enjoy the video created by Tutsy Navarathna. I decided to visit before the art installation, so my story begins from here.

The art installation by JadeYu Fhang is a surreal environment, made of transparencies, the play of light, the slow movements.

The background has a predominantly beige, instead the items are a bright white. The objects represented are very different in nature from each other: futuristic buildings accompany statues of women combined with spiders and cobwebs. In fact, spiders and females seem to be the protagonists of the art scene, also present in the futuristic building suspended in the air. In the background a building created by assembling the same repeated shapes, with women lying face down and characterized by a slight rocking motion. Female robots seem to guard the building itself.
Next to this building, on the left, forms sketched woman, her head in the shape of television. An interesting detail you can observe in front of the building, where the woman and the spider seem to know a fusion: in fact, you can see forms of woman-spider that seem aggressive to the helpless woman lying in a small basin.
Clouds are moving fast, and barely visible aurora borealis are the framework for this setting.


At the landing point, I have sought in vain for a notecard explanatory. I believe that the artist decided this absence, a sign of wanting to leave a free interpretation by the viewer.
The artist invites us to reflect: So, let’s do it.
In the collective imagination, the spider is the predator. It’s also the insect repellent, which generates fear in many people (especially women).
The spider, however, is also synonymous with patience, the spider slowly and meticulously creates, a cross of light and white threads. And wait. What? The prey, of course.
In the artistic installation of JadeYu Fhang, the woman and the spider are not enemies but merge to become a single entity. This aspect makes me think of a new society, where the woman is the main character traits and has a strong personality and predatory. A kind of revenge on the modern machismo caused (also) by the lack of an authentic feminine consciousness.
Later my journey continues to the art of machinima by Tutsy Navarathna. I think even the videos can convey strong messages and relevant, just as they do for traditional art.

The sequence of images, the speed of the scene passes, subjects offered have a strong communicative and evocative purpose.

The experience is subjective; I saw in the video proposed the modern era of confusion and an attempt to “close the loop” in the social and emotional insecurity of the present moment.
I conclude by leaving, as always, all the references to visiting Metales, artistic places of keen interest in Second Life.

Where do I find…?


with love,

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