Second Life Art Tuts+Scribble Sketch Effect

In this tutorial, we will see how to make a sketch that emerges under a scrawl. Think about when you write or draw something on a sheet which then you will rip. The underlying layer has the signs of the pressure that you put to make it happen. So, if you make a doodle in pencil on the white sheet below, you will see the picture or the writing that had been achieved on the torn sheet. To be clear.

First image

Second Life Art Tutorial
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Let’s start!

1. Prepare your image

We import the image on which we will work to get the scrawled effect. For this tutorial, the close-ups of the faces are perfect, like the one I am using. We start by creating a “Curves” layer to adjust the brightness. We try to achieve a higher contrast, to improve the final result.

Add a new level of the brightness adjustment (Fill/Adjustment layer → Curves)

Second Life Art Tuts+, Curves
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Make sure you have white as the foreground color and pass with the mouse over the white part in the layer “Curves” by holding down CTRL + I. The white rectangle will turn black. Now we can correct image defects. Now you will notice that the picture is faded and the lighting effects achieved before, seem to have vanished. Using a brush, I suggest size 15px or even less, and we pass on the eyes and lips to highlight them. We will notice that they return to their natural color.

Second Life Tuts+, Mask
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We now need not be accurate in this part.

2. Convert to smart object

Double-click on the background layer to unlock it. This way you have a common layer, editable. Select the newly modified layer and right-click to convert it to Smart Object. Now we adjust the lights going to Image> Adjustment> Shadows / Highlights. Here you can try to adjust to your liking. In the picture, you can see the values that I have chosen.

Second Life Art Tuts+, Shadows
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Selected level 0, we can create a new “Curves” level to re-adjust the brightness to our pleasure.

3. Convert the image to Black/White

Selected from the first level (Curves 1 for me), we click again on “create a new layer and fill /adjustment” and select “black and white.”

Second Life Art Tuts+, Black and White
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I suggest you adjust the red in the settings panel.

Second Life Art Tuts+, Red
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With the upper first level selected  (Black and White) go to Edit> Define Pattern. Name it “Scribble before” and click ok.

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4. Select Pattern Stamp Tool and choose “Scribble before” between patterns.

Select Pattern Stamp Tool and choose “scribble before” between patterns, scrolling down in the patterns menu.

Second Life Art Tuts+, pattern-stamp-tool
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5. Choose the brush “Conté Pencil on Bumpy Surface” and set it.

First of all, in brush settings, append dry brushes and select them to choose “Contè Pencil on Bumby Surface.” We will be going to change some settings. In the brush panel, we will want to set these values: spacing>60%/scattering>20%/brush size>2 px.

Second Life Art Tuts, brush-tool
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6. Add a new white level.

Add a new layer and fill with white color. Rename this new layer with “white background.”

7. Add a new level again and name it “rough scribbles.”

Add a new layer again that you will want to name “rough scribbles.” Be sure that you have Pattern Stamp Tool selected and correctly set up the pattern type on “scribble before.”  I used for a better result opacity>80%.  Now simply start to scribble. If you have a graphic tablet, you will have a better result with this Tutorial. You will have a result like this:

Second Life Art Tuts, rough-scribble
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8. Go on to scribble.

Go on to scribble, not just in one direction, but al least in two. I finally got this result:

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Before to proceed with fine scribbles, reduce the level opacity to 70%.

9. Create a new layer and name it “Fine scribbles.”

Set the brush size to 1 px and start to scribbles again. Scribble most of all eyes, nose, and mouth, for a better result.

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10. Create a new layer between “rough scribbles” and “fine scribble.”

Create a new layer between “rough scribbles” and “fine scribble, ” and with the Contè Pencil on Bumby Surface brush selected and set up on 2px size, choose the white color and scribble in all direction, This step will allow you to obtain a more realist result.

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11. Add color with Gradient Map.

Be sure to have selected Patter Stamp Tool, add a new layer and name it “colored scribbles.” Here, with the Pattern Stamp Tool Selected, only add some scribblesNow add a new layer simply choosing Gradient Map. In the Gradient Map Adjustment choose the color that you prefer. Now, holding down ALT, go with the cursor between the two latest layers: the cursor will change the icon, becoming something similar two circles, black and white. Now click. In this way, you clip your gradient map. In blending mode choose “linear light” for a better result. You will have something like this:

Second Life Art Tuts+, clip-gradient-map
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12. Add a new Curves layer.

Now you can adjust the lights like you prefer just adding a new “Curves” layer and setting up your parameters.

Final Result

Second Life Art Tuts+, scribble-final-image
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Feel free to comment and add your images links in the comments section.

Hoping you enjoyed this Tut+, see you to the next one!

TOOL: Photoshop CS5

with love,

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