Second Life Art Tuts+Blending modes with two or more texture layers

Using Blending Modes

For this tutorial, I am using one of the best technique of Silvie Covey (famous digital artist). Just a difference: I am starting from Second Life® pictures.

Here is a step by step example of how you can create an artwork similar to her style starting from pictures taken inworld. You can follow these steps using your own imagery and change the choice of blending modes as you see fit.

1. Select the images

Choose a subject image and a background/environment/texture image from your file. From the image menu, resize both images to the same resolution (300 dpi) and the same size in inches (Image → Image Size). I named my chosen images “Oema” and “Telrunya Winter”.

Second Life Art Tutorial
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Telrunya Winter
Telrunya Winter
2.Merge the two images

I activated the “Telrunya Winter” image and selected it  [Select → All]; then from the Edit menu I pasted the “Telrunya Winter” image onto the “Oema” image [Edit → Paste]. I changed the Blend Mode in the Layers palette to Difference for the “Telrunya Winter” image. The “Telrunya Winter” image now shows through the “Oema” layer in inverted colors.

Note: You can use the Edit → Free Transform option from the Edit menu to fit an image onto another.

Blending Mode, Difference
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3. Duplicate your layers and change their blend mode

I activated the “Oema” layer and duplicated it [Layer → Duplicate Layer]. I did the same with the “Telrunya Winter” layer. I moved the “Oema Copy” layer up, above the “Telrunya Winter”layer, and changed the “Telrunya Winter Copy” layer’s Blend Mode to Darken, and the “Oema Cop” layer’s Blend Mode to Difference.

Second Life Art Tutorial
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4. Add more blend modes

I duplicated the “Oema copy” layer again (“Oema Copy 2”) and changed the Blend Mode to Lighter Color, and then I duplicated the “Telrunya Winter” layer again (“Telrunya Winter Copy 2”) and changed its Blend Mode to Multiply.

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6. Add curves adjustment layer

Next, I decided to add a new Curves Adjustment layer [Layer → New Adjustment Layer → Curves] and lightened “Oema” a bit with the Curves Adjustment.

Second Life Art Tutorial
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7. Save your file

Finally, I saved this file in PSD format, then flattened the image and save it as a TIFF file to print.


Location:  Telrunya Winter


Photoshop CS5

with love,

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