Softie Gallery, artistic exhibition of excellence with many 2D and 3D artists

Since Saturday, November 5th is open to the public an art exhibition that art lovers should not miss: at Black Label Exhibition Corner, the Softie Gallery opens its doors to visitors with excellent artists and well-known.

This is a 2D and 3D art exhibition staged in a pleasant way to give a sense of belonging and consistency for the exposed works (which are, of course, very different from each other).

At the time of writing, it is holding the opening and the choice of music was very original: a live pianist, Enricob Yamdev.

I dissociate myself from the local chat, to appreciate the combination of music and art, which now offers to all of us.

At the entrance, you are greeted by the works of Bryn Oh, the well-known artist.


This time Bryn offers a 3D style that we could say to be somewhere between drawing and sculpture.

Art is made of embossed, inside boxes, appropriately lit, to emphasize the subjects depicted.

The protagonists of the scene are drawn by hand over the raised part.

The detail gives it the draw, not the 3D processing.

It is an original technique, also because the design that Bryn Oh has wanted to represent in 3D is displayed in 2D.

These are works that can only be fully appreciated if you zoom to scrutinize the details.

All the information about Bryn is available at the entrance. For each artist you can withdraw the relevant information with a touch you can have an explanatory notecard.

After Bryn, you can admire the naked by GlitterPrincess Destiny. These are photographs captured in Second Life® and have a strong flavor of sensuality and naturality. Images always depict the same woman, caught in expressive details that strike the observer. A mix of naturalness, sensitivity, sensuality and rebellion that portray a tumultuous personality.

Afterward, you can admire the beautiful statues of Ciottolina Xue. Delicacy, romance, and passion are the topics under discussion. The statues are structured to look like marble, with a blue tint which is enhanced by the central light, the same color.

Following two works by naughty (Kristine Blackadder): “Lunch Time” and “Sweet“. It is very different artistic works among them, the first highlights the colors and the woman’s body as a whole, the second is in black and white and focuses on a detail of the female body.

Following photographs by Astralia, best known for her fantasy mesh shop.

Interesting work of ѕєєгѕђα ђєαг イ (saoirseheart), which offers several styles of photography, from classic to a style similar to Pop Art.

You get to artworks by LeMelonRouge (lemelonrouge.onyett) that I appreciate in a special way because here the “artistic talent” is particularly evident. In fact, the artist has considerable skills as a graphic designer. Sensuality is the prevailing theme, indeed, perhaps the only one. Even when it does not paint the women, the artist through the use of colors, highlights the theme of sensuality.


On the first floor is nicely captured by photos of Blip Mumfuzz (blip.mumfuzz), which are particularly intriguing for the artist’s ability to make use of light and shadows in order to enhance the exposed landscapes.

Going further you can admire the picture of MM, the same that we have had the chance to admire the Gallery Nitroglobus time ago and I wrote an article about.

Here we are the work of Vangogh Rembranch, well-known painter in oils that exposes some time in the various artistic salons and that we as a guest to Mediterranean-Oc in a beautiful gallery dedicated to him.

After Van, we come to the surreal and sensual photos of Terry Gold, where white and red are used to communicate, to convey sensations I would say, almost provocative.

On the top floor, the first (wonderful) work is by Cica Ghost. An interactive 3D picture, where you can, by clicking on the bench, becoming part of the scene. The original idea of the cat looking out the window and see the shoulders that move the body and tail. Cica manages to surprise us again, with a single work and attention to detail.

It then proceeds with the work of John and Eleseren Brianna. The work of John, masks, we could also see them at the Dirty Grind and I wrote an article about.

Eleseren surprised us recently with a stunning art installation, “The Curio ‘, which was in the Editor’s Picks for some time. Here she proposes some photos taken from the same installation.

And here we are the photographs of my dear Maddy (magda.schmidtzau): clarity and delicacy of her images identify it in a particular way and her style is unique and recognizable.

Occupy two large spaces the images of aldiladeisogni, with two beautiful photos depicting Sonia Gorini and also exhibited at the Gallery of Red Birkcin @Diotima, which I mentioned in a recent article.

Follow the beautiful images of Paola Mills, much appreciated Italian photographer with a large number of followers on Flickr. A well-deserved success for the originality of her representations and the ability to convey her feelings.

Images end with the clear and serene photographs of Lilarya depicting a Modern Angel, as she writes in the title picture.

The “point” of this final artistic narration with different actors, it gives Mystery Hifeng with his 3D characters. For this occasion, he has created a structure with a gate and inside one of his statues depicting a woman holding in her hands a violin. The way she approaches the body and poses a bit childish, giving the feeling of a sense of fear, insecurity. The title is, in fact, “There is a thread of fear.”

Where do I find …?

Softie Gallery

with love,

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