Prospettive artistiche nell’Era Virtuale

Tilt Brush by Google

Introduzione Lo sviluppo tecnologico sta percorrendo, in questi ultimi anni, strade tanto incredibili quanto affascinanti. Nell’arco di breve tempo siamo passati dalla Realtà Virtuale (già di per sé affascinante) alla Realtà Aumentata (che sembra fantascienza e, invece, è già realtà). Grazie all’aiuto di sistemi di interfaccia hardware e software (guanti, caschi, occhiali, programmi tridimensionali sempre […]

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Art in Second Life, Virtual World: Gitu Aura and Nessuno Myoo @UTSA Tejano Tech

Second Life Art, Gitu Aura and Nessuno Myo

Finally today I was able to visit the exhibition of Gitu Aura and Nessuno Myoo, hosted by ArtSpace @UTSA Tejano Tech. This is a 2D (Gitu Aura) and 3D (Nessuno Myoo) art exposition. The location hosting the exhibition is particularly striking: the geometric forms, the open spaces and transparencies are suitable for artistic performances, contributing […]

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Gallery owners are not looking for you? How Second Life Artist have to activate first

I read, increasingly, of discouraged artists. These are people who engage much in the creation of artistic works of great quality and emotional impact, with strong communication skills. Despite their efforts, the gallery owners do not call them to display their works. For this reason the artists demotivate and decide to “take a break” or, […]

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