Mediterraneo-Oc Art Galleries

Second Life Art

It’s with great pleasure that I registered this Vpost to introduce people to Mediterraneo-Oc Art Galleries. In Mediterraneo, I am the Art Curator, and I organize artistic events since many years. During this time, Mediterraneo has become of the most important places that host art galleries. Some of this exhibitions are permanent; others are just […]

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Dixmix Gallery, interesting Flickr Artists Show, Photography in Second Life

Introduction to photography in Second Life Photography in Second Life is becoming more and more interesting, in my opinion. There are numerous photo exhibitions deserving a visit. It is also true, however, that some (good) virtual environment photographers choose not to exhibit in a gallery, staying, in this way, “in the shadow.” Fortunately, there are […]

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The collection of masks, art gallery at Dirty Grind (Art in Second Life)

Introduction to John’s Art in Second Life Continuing to talk about art in Second Life, in this post I will introduce the reader to the art performance by John Brianna (Johannes1977) hosted by Dirty Grind. A unique exhibition, outside the traditional standards, that will capture the interest of the observer for the message inherent in the show itself. […]

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Artistic pictures in virtual contexts, “Going Home” by Amona Savira

We can find really interesting artistic pictures from S.Life around the web. We have said several times, a photograph in S. Life can become art. The workings of “shots” caught inside the 3D environment are more and more fascinating, the Avatars that have a Flickr account seem “aggressive“ in trying to give the best of themselves every […]

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