Lam Erin al DixmiX Art Gallery, esplosione di colore e natura

Cosa attira maggiormente lo spettatore nelle foto di Lam Erin, i colori o i paesaggi? Credo che questo interrogativo sia meno scontato di quanto sembri! 🙂 I paesaggi di Lam Erin sono spendidi, questo fotografo ha un naturale intuito nello scegliere l’”angolo giusto“, la “giusta prospettiva“. Tuttavia il suo vero talento, la caratteristica che lo rende un grande fotografo di […]

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ECLIPSE Magazine, December Issue is out! Let’s talk about Mistero Hifeng


My art column on ECLIPSE Magazine, “Art Perspective”, has its focus on Hifeng’s Art. Mistero Hifeng was born as an artist of the virtual world in 2014. His beginnings predate the Second Life® platform. He first began his art working in 3D software programs such as Blender and Cinema 4D. Hifeng was born, in short, as […]

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The Lost Unicorn Gallery, what happens if art embraces the fantasy-theme in Second Life®?

Second Life, The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Imagine an enchanted world, worthy of being described in the best fairy tales or narrated in the most courageous battles between good and evil. Imagine that in this fairytale fantasy environment the best photographers in Second Life® met each other and decided to exhibit their work to adorn the walls of the main castle, perched […]

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What happens when a graphic designer works on Second Life pictures? Maghda

When a professional graphic designer become an artist in Second Life Today I wish to speak about an artist discovered on Flickr: Maghda Resident. The first time I admired her work I was fascinated by her graphic skills. I immediately thought that Maghda must have experiences to use a specific program for images processing, such as Photoshop or […]

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Dixmix Gallery, interesting Flickr Artists Show, Photography in Second Life

Introduction to photography in Second Life Photography in Second Life is becoming more and more interesting, in my opinion. There are numerous photo exhibitions deserving a visit. It is also true, however, that some (good) virtual environment photographers choose not to exhibit in a gallery, staying, in this way, “in the shadow.” Fortunately, there are […]

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