“A Watercolor Wander” Art Installation @ Lea12

I was fascinated by the artistic work of CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo), watercolor painter in R.Life who is exposing in recent months a great art installation at LEA12.
The topic is watercolor painting.
The way in which the theme is developed is of great interest and is not lacking in originality.
When talking about watercolor painting, usually, we expect to see an exhibition of paintings made in R.Life with watercolors.
This aspect is not lacking in the

art installation

A Watercolor Wander“, where the creator (who is a painter, as I said), exhibited on easels some of her beautiful works.
The extra space is left to interactivity, immersion in watercolor painting.

A Watercolor Wander
A Watercolor Wander
A watercolor Wander
A Watercolor Wander

The observer is encouraged to use imagination, imagine along a road in a watercolor painting and to see itself as an integral part of this landscape.
I took several photos and I must say that, using mouselook, really it seems to save not just an image but a real painting.

Oema at "A Watercolor Wander"
Oema at “A Watercolor Wander”

I recently enjoyed some videos that were inspired by the same idea of Ceakay Ballyhoo and developed stories inspired by the paintings of Van Gogh.
As if the actors were part of the painting themself.
In particular, the video, which on Experience notes of Ludovico Einaudi gives life, in the truest sense of the word, some of the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, has been realized by Luca Agnani, born in 1976, through the Video Mapping technique, the same as Luca, visual artist and graphic designer, uses to create his works.


In 2013, Luca Agnani combines his expertise with a passion for the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, and realizes this video, which after having had more than 300,000 views in just a few months, is presented in Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum on the invitation , a unique opportunity to see the works of Van Gogh not only beyond the books or the halls of a museum, but beyond their immobility. The chance to see the beloved Arles, of living the everyday life and to be able, as if to breathe the same air.
Another way to develop the idea of interactivity in a very effective way is the internal experience with the framework, through the use of the Oculus Rift.
In fact, the use of VR is very effective also in the artistic field, allowing a real immersion in pictorial art.
Who has not dreamed at least once of being inside a work of art? Maybe in one of the most beautiful paintings of all time, one of those who have made history. You can now: thanks to an animation created by New York Mac Cauley for Oculus VR Mobile Jam, an annual competition that recognizes the best developers and designers in the field of virtual reality, we can make a tour of The Night Café, one of the the most famous paintings by Van Gogh.


During the visit you can also see reconstructed his other masterpieces such as The Starry Night and Sunflowers, reconstructed in 3D. One more novelty: at some point of the tour you are face to face with their own Van Gogh, smoking his pipe feature.
LEA12 hosts interactive artistic experience decidedly behind the times, the avatar becomes part of the picture and can take pictures of themselves in a landscape that is already in itself a watercolor painting.
Upon arrival at the landing point you receive a folder with all the information on the art installation in the course of performance.
In particular, it reads:

This sim has been made by Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK for short).

The idea started to form some months ago when she started to paint watercolours in RL.  She had been playing with making her own textures through watercolour paint and watercolour pencils a while before that.

The paintings are all of landscapes and as a great lover of landscapes in both the virtual and the real world, she decided to try and mix her RL and SL art.

The idea of walking into a painting has always been a very attracting and intriguing one. Ever since reading Stephen King’s Rose Madder and later watching Robin Williams in What Dreams May Come, the wish to do something with that concept has been on CK’s mind.

There is a story that developed with these paintings and it is provided in an NC here as well. It is an extensive read. You can also find the story, with pictures, on the web, which will provide easier reading.


There is also a flickr page for the sim:


As for the biography of the artist here is the most important notes of her training:

CK Ballyhoo has been roaming SL in search of wonderful landscapes and interesting buildings to capture and use to make her art.  She has also discovered the joy of background studios and is still learning new things every day, often through inspiration by other artists.

Her style can be best described as capturing Moods. Feel yourself drawn into the landscapes of her pictures.  See the emotion and character traits expressed in the people she portrays.  It’s a dreamy world most of the time. Unclear lines, blurry, warm colours. Sometimes darker and gloomier.

There are often series. Sometimes around a theme, sometimes different takes of one scene, because she can’t decide which one she likes best and likes to give them time to grow on her.

She has started doing art installations as well. Mostly providing surroundings for pictures or ideas she wants to convey.

In July 2016 she was given a LEA Grant for a 6 month sim and that was the birth of A Watercolour Wander.

I invite you to enjoy diving in this watercolor landscape, taking photos and, why not, sharing them in the dedicated Flickr group!

with love,

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